Cloud Miners

Cloud Miners is a 2D couch co-op space mining and exploration game!

You and your shipmates have been attacked and your ship destroyed! A Cloud Corp ship was nearby and able to save the crew at the last minute, but now you are indebted to Cloud Corp. In order to buy a new ship, and your freedom back, you must toil away mining asteroids and planets of their valuable resources, running on suspicious missions for Cloud Corp and entertaining spectators in the C.L.A.A.S.H. Coliseum battle arena. Your lives now belong to Cloud Corp, and it’s up to you to take your power back!

  • Playable with up to 4 people
  • Choose from 4 different characters with different abilities and tools
  • Use the crew’s ship and venture out on foot to complete missions
  • A mix of procedurally generated and crafted levels
  • Solve puzzles, fight battles, and use mined resources to complete missions

Cloud Miners is available to wishlist on Steam now!