Shell Out Showdown

Shell Out Showdown is a food-fight battle royale where everybody stays in the game until one player is empty handed!

Choose your anthropomorphic vending machine and get to food tossin’!

  • Hectic and simple platforming gameplay. Dodge food and throw food!

  • Customize your character with different colors, effects, trails and even buddies!

  • 90’s Inspired pixel art and FM-Synth-heavy, Jazzical music

  • Levels in various locations such as a mall, the French Quarter, a junkyard, a radio tower and more to come!

  • Join the public lobby or create private lobbies for you and your friends to play!

Made with game engine LÖVE, pixel art tool Aseprite and music tracker Milkytracker.

This project is under active development with new customizations, characters and levels added routinely!